Lyrics to Escape From Reality
Escape From Reality Video:
Trapped in a world that´s cold and empty where the greatest pleasure is the bullshit on tv i´m bored to death and recoginzing: this world is not for me don´t get me wrong, this ain´t no farewell letter cause life is way too short for suicide but i believe that we all deserve better than this, so let´s go!!! There's so much we don't know and so much we could be make your wildest dreams come true and smash their reality!!! At first you have a Dream and when you get the chance you only have to take it. But you won't get your try & you won't get too far if you just sit and wait. So days turn into weeks and month turn into years and we're just groing older. They bought your life with shit now it is your turn, steal it back and run for your life. And yes it's true: When life's crashing down on you it's not important what you have or are but what you do. Give it a try & you will see: Best things in life are still for free. So take your change, it's up to you, because your life won't wait for you!!

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