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Lyrics to Eric The Half A Bee
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Take it away Eric the Orchestra Leader...

A-one, two, a-one two three four

Hald a bee, philosophically,
Must ipso facto half not be.
But half a bee, has got to be,
Vis a vis its entity.
D'you see?
But can a bee be said to be
Or not to be an entire bee,
When hald the bee is not a bee,
Due to some ancient injury

La di di, one two three,
Eric the Half a Bee,
A B C D E F G,
Eric the Half a Bee.

Is this wretched demi-bee,
Half asleep upon my knee,
Some freak from a menagerie?

No! It's Eric the Half a Bee.

Fiddle di dum, fiddle di dee,
Eric the Half a Bee.
Ho ho ho, tee hee hee,
Eric the Half a Bee.

I love this hive emply-ee-ee,
Bisected accidentally,
One Summer afternoon by me,
I love him carnally.

He loves him carnally..

The end.

Cyril Connolly?

No, semi-carnally.


Cyril Connolly.
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