Lyrics to Eponym
Eponym Video:
Turn off the TV
And look me in the eye when we don't speak
I'm tired of sleeping
Tired of careless, empty hours
I'm tired of eating
y dinner off of paper plates
I can't be bothered
To step around the holes you left for me
I am ready now

The sun is heavy
It's taking out the glass as light shines in
And finds the ceiling
And the walls withdraw to leave me where I stand
And turned to tackle
Because the dust has settled just enough to see
The room around me
Is nothing more than six sides on a square
I am ready now

I've dreamt of mountains
Taller than the distance to the stars
And I was flying
Though I was naming every single one
And fields of cotton
Never had been farther from my mind
I have to smile
I only hope that you can do the same
And I know I am ready now
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