Epilogue (My Yellow Brick Road) Lyrics


Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds

Lyrics to Epilogue (My Yellow Brick Road)
Epilogue (My Yellow Brick Road) Video:
Now I have finished this book
It's time to turn the page
But my story's just begun
So I believe, so I hope

No need to look back
But fear of deception's chilling my civilized heart
It tempts me with promises, drives me insane
My Yellow Brick Road
Like shine of gold
Tempts greedy souls

A step - it's harder as it gets clear
It makes me feel alone
Why do I still keep daydreaming
Forget, restrain...

But dreams come again
It's hard to tell what's black or white, who's enemy or friend
So let it be, there's no way back - I've crossed the line
Now I see the long awaited sign
No need to wait anymore - it's time
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