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Lyrics to Epicyte - Parasite
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Expired morality
Rising to shine in plenitude
Violence of constitution
Approved by a few

Prophets of salvation
Decimate the unborn
Undercover benevolence
Vaccinate the future voice

Loathsome plans built on smiles
Of early dreamers
Hypocrites condemn us all
Punishing the sinners

Kneel or crawl
The venom will numb
Misbegotten plans
Gestate in the womb of the devil

Lack of empathy
Betrayed by those once feared
Corrupted and abandoned
To the mercy of the system

No saviors, no icons, no leaders
Peace is a pantomime
A ticking bomb,
Deadly rising tide

Sewn lips, shut eyes
Nothing around is real
Mostly its a false flag
To profit a minority

Summoning the storm
Knell sounds loud and clear
The bells of the third Reich
Had “the union” melodies.
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