Lyrics to Enslaved Creation
Enslaved Creation Video:
Enslaved by technology
Created by the hands of mankind
An intelligence developed and excessively used
Global information and access to our lives
And our sense of security
For the safety of this precious earth
Population control is in effect
Even constructing diseases to infect
Those who resist to serve
Breeding a new set of species
Is this mankind's last evolution?
Fetus' incubated surgically installed
With artificial intelligence in place of brains
They'll suffocate the soul to separate the body
Formulas calculated to reduce all reasoning
Born into a realm of steel
Creating slaves from entities
Disposing bodies from their deeds
Searching for new souls
Desecrate the human body
Symbolizing hate
Soulless and among the dead
Endlessly searching for a true identity
Unable to communicate
Mouths are sewn shut to prevent any objections
The injection is painful nourishment
Liquefied dead flesh fed through veins
Incapacitated to serve under an evil reign
No soothing moments from agony
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