Lyrics to Enough Is Enough
Enough Is Enough Video:
Enough is enough
I can't take it no more
Time for me to free my mind so walk right out that door
I've gone through before and
I've weathered the rough
I want you to know enough is enough

[Verse 1:]
I'm determined to reach new heights
My past forgotten, I've got new joy in sight
You held me down now new favor I've found

[Verse 2:]
I'm committed with my hands raised
I'll not only love You, but Your name I will praise
You shared the truth, now I'll be true to You
I can't take no more...

No more for me, I'm not available
Took me a while to plainly see
I chose a life that is incredible
Not hating, I've just been set free

Enough is enough, it's getting tough
Feels like a diamond refined in the rough
Transition, on a mission, realize the vision
Keeping notes like a Christian statistician
You've been replaced so pick your face up off the floor
I resist you so it's time to use the door
The door, the place where we exit and we enter
Don't use ebonics but I want to use finta
Move, move into my place of authority
I'm moving up and I'm tired of you using me
Locked down like a puppet on a string
No more, no more, I'm outta here, I'm clean
Clean up from my toes to my afro
No room in the vessel yo, you gotta go
Pack your bags and your thoughts and all your stuff
Hee, hee, enough is enough

I'm tired
I give you up
Enough is enough
I don't wanna see you no more

I'm through
There's no more room
I'm sick of you
I don't wanna see you no more, no more

[Alternate Vamp:]
I'm moving up to bigger and better things
I will not let nothing hinder me
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