Lyrics to Enos Prayer
Enos Prayer Video:
[Parody of Jimmy Eat World - The Middle]

Hey, I was a pretty bad guy,
And in the forest my soul hungered,
So I started to cry,
Then I kneeled and prayed,
All the night and day,
And I know that God can't lie,
So I knew I was saved.

It just takes some faith,
Your Spirit is strengthened,
When you go and pray,
All of the fear that you will face today,
All of it, all of it, will fade away, away.

I, asked how it could be done,
It was because of my faith in Christ,
My sins were gone.
So I sacrificed,
And prayed as hard as I could.
That my family the Lamanites,
Would become good.

(Chorus x2)


So, I asked the records to be saved,
And then the Lord, He Promised, He
Would do just that.
So I pacted hard,
And knew just what to do,
I realized that through mighty prayer,
My wishes came true.

(Chorus x2)

(Thanks to Warky for these lyrics)
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