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Hands down and fingers crossed. They never thought we've even make it this far. All out of bright ideas. We better jump before this engine goes down.

Life best led when it's going out of style.

Stay on your feet you better keep close to the ground. Cause we've survived much worse than this(2X)

With this sun presses hard, pressing hard on my back. My feet seem to drag just a little bit longer these days. Well hit em hard. If these scars are all that we know then knowing is half the battle. I know what I want and I feel like I've won this war. But I keep telling myself, "I can tell that I've been here before." Before these towns seem to burn down without a flame. And I keep telling myself, " I can tell that I've been here before," Cause I'm closing my eyes and I hear you calling my name

Life's best led when it's runnning out of STYLE!
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