Endless Bummer Lyrics

White Kaps

Endless Bummer

Lyrics to Endless Bummer
Endless Bummer Video:
so you think i'm happy by the smile on my face
look inside my head you'll see an empty space
you won't find a thought or a care in my skull
without this gorgeous grin, i guess i'm pretty dull

no money, it won't make me happy
no drug, can make me happy
no body, will make me happy
no nothin', i so pathetic

say you have a problem, tell me should i care
i graduated college playing truth or dare
we're beautiful and handsome, thats what matters most
our teeth are straight and perfect, but our brains are toast

no boob job, can make me happy
not diamonds, i won't be happy
that caddy, won't make me happy
not nothin, i'm so pathetic

now its all gone
how do you know
cuz i'm so happy

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