Endings Are Beginnings Lyrics

Jamie Cullum


Lyrics to Endings Are Beginnings
If endings are beginnings
Maybe we should be leaving
If loving you's like dying
Maybe I could stop breathing
We listen, but are we hearing?
And endings are like beginnings

If the start is just the finish
Then maybe we should keep moving
What things did you accomplish?
Maybe we could stop counting
I write to learn what I'm thinking
And endings seem like beginnings

Though I dig my heals right in
There ain't a soul not suffering
You pass it on like a baton
And run and run and run and run
Alas the heart, it cannot speak
It holds its tongue between its teeth
I travel across the great divide
From neutral ground to your bedside

If pain was just a tattoo
Maybe it will stop hurting
I'll say I'll always love you
And hold you all night till morning
I pray that I'm not just dreaming
And endings are, and endings are
And endings are like beginnings