Lyrics to End Of The Line
End Of The Line Video:
Sir, step aside,
These people were here first.
As you can see, the line forms over there.
We're all in a hurry sir.
Your claim is no worse.
Line's over there,
Look at all these people you see here,
Certain none of us want to be here.
End of the line.
End of the line.

The sign was posted when you purchased your merchandise.
Sir, did you read the sign?
Sir, read the sign.
Store credit only,
And I see you bought this at the sale price.
Read the sign.
I don't make the policies, sir.
Please take my apologies, sir.
End of the line.
End of the line.

Miss Jones there's a man out here
Wants to speak to a manager.
He's using foul language,
And he's frightening the staff.
I already explained that.
Could you come to the register?
He's frightening the staff.
Sir, there's no need to raise your voice.
Sir, I'm afraid you leave me no choice.
End of the line.
End of the line.
End of the line.
Sir, please,
Sir, please,
Sir, put down the gun.
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