Lyrics to End Of Forever
End Of Forever Video:
Spending precious moments
never leaving your side
has made me whole,
introduced warmth into my life.

Truthfully it's been on my mind
I can only see myself with you, for all of time.

I promise you're the first,
and it seems that you will be the last.

Just when it seems that it could last forever.
Never stopping we'd go on falling, further,
but slowly I can feel my heart dropping
forever's end is tearing us apart.

Now that you're departing,
it's all starting again
remembering feeling all the loneliness again.
But it's ok it has to be this way.
Go on without me I understand.
Maybe someday we meet again but for now forever must end.

It has to be this way!
Please let go of me!
I understand!
Maybe someday we'll meet again.
Don't you wish it could go on forever!
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