End Of Days Lyrics


The King Is Dead

Lyrics to End Of Days
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Pushed for the last time I can see no point all I see is Lies
Convenience keeps me here I trust no one- trust no one.

Watch it all fall- watch it fall apart- your creation has failed
Still see the sheep follow blind?
Give them lies with no direction at all- give them lies.
This time I'll fight I'll give everything because I want you all to die.
You can have it all.
I'm already out.
Fuck all yours games.
It's all over.
It's the end of days- the end of days.

I'll take myself out with a blast.
I want to kill you all, slit your wrists.
I'll kill this world I feel I'm already dead. Locked in this cell.
Locked in a cell with no escape.
I want to watch you all die.
If I could reach inside it would be the last time I'd ever cry- cry
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