End Of An Era Lyrics

Marianas Trench


Lyrics to End Of An Era
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One last cue, from love true
To final ado
Hearts will break
For future's sake
But mine just won't take
Can't love if you don't
I can't try if you won't
Oh I know, please let me go
My dear, cause I'd stay near
And lose my self here

Astoria I'm warning you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
Its do or die for you and I
I'll never be taken alive
Here's everything that led me here
Our future's still remains unclear

I tie my fate to Astoria
So get up and face me
Come and face the music
It's about fucking time that I
I'm wasting away here
Goodbye Astoria

I'm so afraid of trying something new
Cause every start begins
With saying goodbye to you
Our heart divides an unrequited view
But my heart is overdue

I feel so ashamed
Wish this was easy
I want you to know
This never was the man I hoped to be
By now
(How did we survive)
We went through hell in Astoria
(How did we survive)
We lost ourselves in Astoria
(How did we survive)
I gave in to sickness
Can you find forgiveness
For a dear old friend
So Astoria can end

It's time Astoria
It's time now Astoria
I'm in over my head

(End of the line now Astoria)
(Hope's taking it to Astoria)
This is our goodbye
(Never say die in Astoria)
This is our goodbye
(Never say die in Astoria

If we shadows have offended
I hope your heart can still be mended
I hope you know that I don't blame you
My dear friend
Always will
Love you still
But Astoria must end
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