Lyrics to Empty Nest
Empty Nest Video:
i'm right here among the cigarette butts
on the sidewalks, sad faces that never look up
just continue on their way
never speaking to anyone
until they get in front of computer screens
and they can start their day
and order more plastic shit we can throw away

we're never content until
Mother Nature's lain to rest
she's had a long run, there's no need to be upset
so raise your glasses, this time to propose a toast
to the one we love and lost many years ago

so Mother may I have this one last dance with you
'cause your son is marrying all things mechanical
you see there's just no more room for you
amongst our growing love for mass production and chemicals
her epitaph reads:

farewell my children, I loved you so
I brought you this far, now it seems I must let go
your wings grew strong enough to reach the end of this branch
but who will catch you when you fall?

'cause son I cradled you and nourished you and nurtured you
but you're a big boy now with all new peers and much to prove
you see there's just no more room for two
you're on your own now the world is smaller and vulnerable

her epitaph reads
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