Lyrics to Empty
Empty Video:
Close your eyes and imagine life with me
Now imagine life without me
Could you do it?
I couldn't imagine life without you
Without you, I'd be... empty
To lie in the bed alone?empty
Shotgun in the ride?empty
My heart, my heart?empty

[VERSE 1:]
Ooh, you know you're lovesick when ya
Answer the phone and you hope to hear her voice
Ooh, you know you're lovesick when ya
Shut it down & make that girl your only choice
Ooh, lovesick when
When you wake up in the morning (just to fix her breakfast)
And I'll tell you how you know, your heart'll tell you so
When you found something good, you just can't let it go

One might spend a whole lifetime
Tryin' to find, the love that I have here with you
My heart & my... speaks for you
Without you I'd be lovesick and empty (I'd be empty without ya)
Love, so empty (ooh, so empty without ya)
Lovesick & empty (I'd be empty without ya)
So empty (So empty)

[VERSE 1:]
Ooh, you know you found the one
When you get on bended knee and words come out like marry me
Ooh, yes, you know you found the one
When the seconds feel like heaven in the blink of an eternity
Ooh, you know you found the one
When there's no thought of time and she's always on your mind
Ooh, you know you found the one
When you wanna be a better man, and man up like you can


Only gonna be alone
Searching the world for whatcha got at home
That would be a tragedy
If you miss out on what's meant to be


Right after a light rain, have you ever seen a rainbow that touched the sky?
Where it meets next to a pot of gold
That's what your beauty... your beauty reminds me of
Like a full moon, it hangs next to the heavenly clouds from which you came
You're my shining star
I'd be lovesick
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