Emptiness Fullfilled Lyrics

October Tide

October Tide

Lyrics to Emptiness Fullfilled
Emptiness Fullfilled Video:
I watched you pass, most darkened cloud
The calm before you was I
Like a curse, I will lift you
Off your feet, swept by every verse escaping lips of deceit
There is no other way to clear these skies of grey
Oh I don't know, which way I should go
I've filled a sea of tears,
Careless wonder, a farewell to fears
There is no other way, to clear these skies of grey
In the night
These shadows know me well
No answer to these calls of distress
When only time can tell
I'm no stranger to emptiness

And all that ever mattered, shattered
Out of hand, out of time
Out of reach, out of mind

All that shined in the night, once gathered
In the depths of sleepless dark, enlighten my path

(Merci à Ines Goth pour cettes paroles)
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