Lyrics to Empornium
Empornium Video:
PC Speaker:
LOLOLOL, bitch, I came in your face,
yeah, I know it stings like mace,
but get the fuck up out my place,
when my ballzack, is bouncin off your buttcrack
you get a sperm attack, knock you out and steal my paper back,
I blow my load hard and fast like Godzilla,
and when it's in your face, they call me ho-killa,
my dick is like a Nascar, it goes around,
and I picked your Mom up at the pound,
with my night vision, I take sluts in dark alleys,
and I stab pregnant bitches at pro-life rallies,
but when I can't fuck your mom, because I've got a warrent,
I head to Empornium, and grab a BitTorrent

come to the Empornium

I got the good fuckin ratio,
cause they nut on the face of hoes,
Hentai OGM on my hard drive,
nut out my balls like honey out the beehive,
they all say I've got the super seed,
you get your shit booted for the super greed,
cause fuck pullin out, ain't worth the hastle,
fellas, have fun stormin the castle,
I got a TB of double cream pies,
twenty-five girls and only one guy,
damn bitch, what a nice surprise,
breakfast with a beej and Tequila Sunrise

Recycle Bin:
your Mom wants to know why the net's so slow,
video Podcasts, so it's porn to go,
got it from Empornium, so it's nasty, no doubt,
leave you wretchin like Tub Girl opened her mouth,
and what comes down must go back up,
cause you got it for free without jizzin in a cup (Coaxke: like at a sperm bank.)
so many titties, real and fake,
Onion Booty bitches with fat asses to shake,
crazy shit with bitches screamin in German,
open up they mouths to catch the sperm in,
pussy farts a lot like it ate some tacos,
blowin out air to cool off my nachos

30 gigs down and a perfect ratio,
ATM all day on my 5.1 stereo,
watch where you click late at night,
you'll end up with a dog, fuckin a dyke,
Empornium's got my back when I need a fix,
all-site rips with millions of pics,
leave my shit runnin, 24-7,
bandwidth deep like pussy from heaven
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