Empire Of The Fallen Angel Lyrics


Risen From The Ancient Ruins

Lyrics to Empire Of The Fallen Angel
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Beyond The Sun Where The Moon Shines Eternal
And The Night Is Forever Obscured In Shadow
The Lands Are Cold And Frozen In Ice
Majestic In Beauty And Filled With Sorrow
Chilling Winds Cut Through The Mountains And Forests
Barren And Withered, Embraced By Winter
Darkened Skies Mirror The Blackened Soil
Where Walks The Most Beautiful Of Angels
Where Walks The Most Dreadful Of Devils
In A Realm More Beautiful Than A Thousand Heavens
Cast Away For The Crimes Of Endless Pride
But Contented In The Enthronement Of Your Own Image
In Still And Murky Pools May You Dream Forever
Gazing Into The Endless Depths Of Mysteries Unknown
Like Black Thorns That Tear The Flesh In Exquisite Pleasure
Your Knowledge Of All Things Brings Enlightenment Complete
Descend Into This Nether Realm Of The Black Abyss
Ascending Beyond Forbidden Thoughts Scorned
As One Into The Truth Of Darkness And Light

[Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
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