Lyrics to Empathy
You're so fucking vain,
But I see right through you,
You tried to leave me here,
But I surround you.

You pushed the floor,
Right out from under me,
You wanted something else,
But I have nothing left,
You wanted yesterday,
A release from my empathy,
This is pathetic,
Not to unlike you.

I can't take the pain!
You're bleeding through my veins,
I won't take the blame!
This time.
I release from my empathy (x3)
I'm gonna take your life today

It's all over now.
Death is my way out.

I can't believe,
That you won't go away, Go away.
Never will you see what I can see.
Go away

Wire causes friction force
And good times fly like feather
There's no love in here

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