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Lyrics to Emotionally Massacred
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I have been massacred
Used and thrown away
Woman of ice, cold hearted bitch
Emotionless sibyl destroyed me

A gaping hole in my chest
Internal torture and loss
Rejection kills me
Used and massacred emotions

Such a waste of emotion
I am cursed and afflicted
Never open the heart to Iesa
Woman of ice destroyed me

I welcomed her in
Like an infection she spread
Then laid waste to me
I have been massacred

Lies.... Lies.... All lies
A facade that melts away
My tears turn to blood
She enjoys my pain
Lies.... Lies.... All lies
She enjoys my pain


Despondent and unmotivated
Depressive aggression, retaliation
A fevered agony of pain
I have again been MASSACRED!!!!!!
I have been emotionally massacred!
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