Emerald Tuesday Lyrics

Cibo Matto

Hotel Valentine

Lyrics to Emerald Tuesday
Emerald Tuesday Video:
I paid the song, every tree stayed
I dream slow with the song these days

Any sight to know
All life is low
Listen, girls will know x2

I sat on my own last Tuesday
I hold in my bones, makes me sway
Cause the shadow of you in center pew x2

Any sight to know
Any place to go
Emerald night glows x2

Don't make me love
Don't make me sad
Don't make me high
Don't make me mad
Don't make me love
Don't shake my heart like a dream

Play this song, every Tuesday
Exterminate, please don't make my heart break
Exterminate, please don't make my hind praise
I wonder what's in this drink
The sky so pink, through link
To find the color of the universe
I say between blue and green
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