Lyrics to Embers
Embers Video:
Fallow me now, welcome to the server
Stones to the hands to the beautiful believers
Hell in the eyes when the lips telling lies
What is the pull here, fist thought I die
Catch me and push all now it's looking
Nobody cares 'til my death goes bible
We sparrow down like barrel,
Bullet should fly like missing all your fires
Just the truth in the night when the lights go
Just another burn with that song when I ride slow
West sold motherfucker I will fight though the fan
To the air, to the death
How's cycle damn he might be so
Flip it right go by let the lights go
How you feeling 'bout the air I breath
Surround while you drown nigga let's go
When your arms can't reach
Heaven it's a hologram Jesus it's a B
Looking at the sonogram, stay in your feet
Life in the vice then mild to the G
This is beas,
When you're in the room celebrating the news, zoom what you do
Research faith, receive what's flowing
Flow over obstacles and run though it
Nothing is impossible, we all knew it
Nothing is impossible, we all knew it
It's all about the price you ready to pay do it
It's all about the price you ready to pay do it
Have first 'turn it up don't stop it
It's like an angel and death have a fight with Cupid
Love hurts bitch don't cry just lose it
Make love, beat it up, girl I'll make music
Confrution it's not confusing
Like scissor and blue this
Like Jesus and jadish, I'm on and keep that movement
Well to the world, I'mm talk 'bout this
I'm doing what I'm doing
I'm doing what I'm doing don't judge me
Make love music
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