Lyrics to Emaline
Emaline Video:
Now, I wish it was last September
We could lose ourselves in crowds everyday
'Cause Emaline, don't walk in time
She's not the same that's all you can say

When I've heard enough, I tell myself
That we've learnt our lesson, but I
Don't wanna walk away from Emaline

They're talking now
Does she know what they're saying?
She's got the air, to float above it
I'm sinking in and someone should pay

She's dear to me, and so expensive
Now I'm not talking 'bout money
When money talks, I hate to listen
But lately it's been screaming in my ear

It only took me one look
To understand Emaline
Sometime I don't know what she's saying.
Sometimes I do
Sometimes I don't know what she's saying
But I know I know,
I know what she wants to believe

I wish it was last September

Yeah, what advice, girls need attention
Well are you deaf from it all night?
For all it's worth, she's got attention
From people like you who see black and white
Now I've heard enough, I'll tell you what
I really shouldn't sit here and whine
I'll take you down to see my Emaline
Songwriters: FOLDS
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