Lyrics to Elusion of Mortality
Elusion of Mortality Video:
You tell yourself that there's
Nothing wrong and it will be OK
That it will all eventually go away
Yet from the moment you were born the end began

Leaves begin to fall in the realm of mortal men
Symbolic of their frail existence;
Wither and fall, lost and forgotten
Content with nothing, forever searching

The dawn of a new age of supremacy
Beckons for humanity
Content with nothing forever searching to escape
The illusion that is mortality

Eluded by the constriction
It holds no boundaries
Once you look past the fabric of reality
You'll discover everything you ever wanted
So reach out and take it
You think this the end, but my dear this is just the beginning
The beginning of the end

So run as fast as you can
You might survive long enough
To realize there's no point running
So stop and face the end

Face the fear and embrace enlightenment
Or forever remain eluded
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