Lyrics to Eloise
We could be a gunfighter
Unlatching all the bailing wire
Eloise, lemme see your sweet face
Come, face me

Chin up! We’re young & in the dark
We saw him resurrect in a muscle car
There was an Oracle
We heard there was a light show

Hotter than a June kiss
I’m blushing a shade of licorice
Croon with your night lungs
That old Cicada love song

Holy broken Heart
A meaning-well American Abattoir
You’re around us, oh
Be around us

Someone close our eyes
Make it so that we can find you
In our imagination
A magic eye
In the photo under
We look like a gunfighter
Modeled after Autry
Or maybe Annie O
And we can trick shoot bottles
And everyone aims slow

Oh, c’mon
Be a gunfighter, baby
With you
We could be a gunfighter
For always
We could be a gunfighter
Oh Oh Oooooh
We could be a gunfighter