Lyrics to Ellen
Ellen Video:
now look at your face, you're a big disgrace, you gotta get right outta me. I'm sick and tired of telling you, free your mind and see, it doesnt matter if you feel it's right you know it's wrong. stop hanging around with me cos now it's time to carry on. i wish you really would stop calling. you're wasting your time and mine as well. i hate your neediness, Ellen, don't say you're sorry. but now it's time to say goodbye. well i know your face so well it hardly reaches me, and we can't pretend there's any point in hanging on. everybody knows that you've been waiting for someone, now you've got me in your sights, you're using me for fun. i don't think you feel the way you said you always did. if you ask me to take you back you're just a little kid.

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