Eleven Eight (Solitarily Yours) Lyrics

Those Who Wait

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Lyrics to Eleven Eight (Solitarily Yours)
Eleven Eight (Solitarily Yours) Video:
Smoke, she dances from inside me
Not as charming as we used to be
Can't help thinkin' the world looks smaller
Am I taller or farther away

Words were spoken soft as feathers
Tied together with a piece of string
Can't help thinkin' about dying
I hope I look beautiful with wings

We stop breathin'
long enough so we can hear the words under our breath
We were thinkin'
stolen moments can be time well spent
There Solitarily Yours

Smoke, she dances from inside me
Slowly falling apart at the seams
I held my breath with both my hands
Broke nails tryin' to get a grip on things
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