Lyrics to Elevators
Elevators Video:
The thing that makes me proudest of my place in human race
is that we never have to use the stairs: we elevate.
Float like the comet of a far and distant place
Once you get a piece of it you won't forget the taste.

How did people live before they could be carried up into the air?
My static motion chair

Boring is walking, I'm a very busy man
I don't have time to use my legs let it work while I stand
Dark in the shaft the rectangular capsule glides
like an angel bearing gifts of interstellar rides

The future has arrived
It came while I was riding in my favorite box
The normal never shocks

Look at what you're stepping into every morning,
Ask why the baby squirms and cries without warning
Fly, you're fine, the cable winds
Bring me up to floor or be left behind
Nine to five I'll take the dive, so many times
I'm sure it's fine
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