Lyrics to Elegance in Aggression
Elegance in Aggression Video:
For the things you done I will act swift revenge
I have nothing left to say to you, negotiations are now closed

Only I can hear your prayers tonight and I'm afraid I will not answer
The irony you beg to me repent for my agony beg for mercy
So finally you pay the price and heal to me your dark master.

I have dreamt of this moment and I have waited too long
Slowly draining the life you hold the power that flows in your soul

The end of your life lies in my hands as I hold you like a helpless puppet
Tormenting with every command

I've been waiting for the life that you once held
To fall between the realms of this fallen world

Welcome to the realm where time stands still
As you sense the ending of life fighting the inevitable

The end of your life lies in my hands and your cries for forgiveness
Falling upon deaf ears
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