Lyrics to Electricity
Electricity Video:
Doesn't matter how long Or how hard I try Seems nothing's good enough And everything I say you turn it around on me It doesn't take too long to see The impact that this has on me I gave up trying Now I'm left with nothing but misery How could this happen Where were the signs I must have missed them If only there had been some electricity Can't you see me falling I know you hear me calling You turned your back on me Gaping hole is all that's left Why couldn't you at least Give a map and some direction To avoid the chasm Prevent me from just fading away I tried to explain The way things had been How they could be repaired You want to have nothing to do with it Go out on your own Abandon what could have been Something for eternity Instead an empty place is there Now alone and in the dark An aching feeling takes the place No way I'll ever let Anything else into this space The door is closed Turning all the people away Shut indoors and drapes are drawn Shining day forever eternal night

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