Lyrics to Eleanor's Castle
Eleanor's Castle Video:
Eleanor's castle boy what a hassle

Why did you have to build your walls so high

I'd put my arms around you

but a moat surrounds you

The only way's to let your drawbridge down

Nights without number

I'm without slumber

thinking of ways to breach your turrets tall

You're an iron lady

and someday maybe

you'll forget bar the iron door

Man was made to conquer

so the story goes

I wish I knew who said it

he could help me 'cause he knows

This situation getting way out of line

I can't win if you won't let me in

Ain't it a sin (It's a sin she won't let him in)

Shielded from my advances

there's very few chances

I'm a one-man crusade fighting in vain

Rack my brain for ideas

but it appears

compared to you dragons are easily slain

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