Lyrics to El Sob
El Sob Video:
el sob
back house
free rent

casino san pablo and the bay
tandoori chicken usa

looking out on the sky line like a bobby madness cartoon
from a makeshift desk in a moldy room

height adds perspective it gives you a view
a sense of distance rare in out world of warehouses
and basements a clarity of mind
a wrecked fixer-upper in the sky
and i've got a window for the very first time

running from the dogs yeah
past the sikh temple now
ten mile walk yeah
we're on top of it all y'all

we <3 police bball backboard
in the downhill neighbor's backyard
watching me from the roof is the stranded ball
as i help the sun go down with a king cobra tall can

it stares at me with a wandering eye
saying save me only you can save me
in your castle-free hassle in the sky
watching the hawks go by

here comes abe now
breaking through my barricades
busts the door down screaming
the sewage pipe broke again

basements filling up with shit now
gotta abandon ship now
going back downhill fast
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