Lyrics to El Dorado
Let me introduce myself
Nice guy turned to a player
Hey, what's up with you over there?
Come enjoy the view over here
Passionate for fashion that I like
Real impatient, need it overnight
Six Louis bags on the flight
Too nice to get into fights
Six racks I'm spending at the store
Overstated elegance for sure
I got imperfections they don't know
But I can't think of anyone who don't
Lot of niggas want what I have
But I ain't really satisfied with that
Biggеr to get items in the bag
Tеmporary, love it never lasts
I remember selling up them packs
Credit card scams and all of that
Certain things I never told my father
Wasn't tryna deal with all the drama
Good kid turned to a beast
Tryna save the world, it's up to me
I remember mobbing through the streets
Now I'm busy mobbing on the beat

Is it real or is it just a mirage?
Just a facade?
Baby, I don't know
Take my hand and we could fly to the stars
It won't take too long, baby

So let's go
To El Dorado
Take the road
To El Dorado