Lyrics to Eggshell
Eggshell Video:
I live in an eggshell - not as strong as it seems

I protect myself from the world - I don't fit in this scheme

my home is unstable the walls are wearing thin

I break under pressure - but I'm trying to endure within

Break the shell - and you will regret it

Break the shell - you wish you never did it

Break the shell - you won't like what you see

Break the shell - you won't recognize me

Your world around me is cracking my shell

the weight of your problems makes my life hell

under pressure from your house of pain

I choose to live in my shell under strain

I've tried to conform - I've tried your way

I've tried to conform - live my life day by day

this is my reality - my life is in a shell

this is my heaven - outside is my hell

I can't deny it - I reached my breaking point

I personify it - an eggshell in duress

I can't deny it - I'm at my limit

I identify with - an eggshell in duress.
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