Lyrics to Effemimania
Effemimania Video:
"No man can kill me."
Well I am no man!
You're not better than me b/c you stand.
News flash! We all have a penis. News flash! We all have a clit.
I'm no better than you b/c I sit.
They want us to think we're opposites: Effemimania.
But it's a spectrum, we're not opposites. Effemimania!
We can either work together, or Effemimania!
I am an active participant, not just a passive recipro-cunt.
You're not penetrating me when we do what we do; it takes two to fuck.
Flip the sexist way you think. I am the one consuming you.
Your strong and silent shtick isn't fooling anyone.
You're timid and insecure; express yourself, it's way more fun.
Like this: take me, take me, take me seriously.
This is a public cervix announcement! We are not opposites!
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