Edit, Cut & Delete U Lyrics

Keshia Chante

Night & Day

Lyrics to Edit, Cut & Delete U
Edit, Cut & Delete U Video:
You had me almost convinced that
Something really special was about to happen
In our lives ya ya you said that
But now it seems like you don't really mean what you were saying
You thought that you could bring me
Thought you could have me hooked on you so easily
Thought wrong ya you shoulda known that

This ain't no chick
This ain't no chick
That you should be messing with


It's to bad for you now you lost me
So what's up with that running back looking for forgiveness
I moved on I hope you get that
I've already written you off of my list
Crying trippin off him
As if you don't know what goes around comes around
Oh no whos playing who now

This ain't no bitch
This ain't no bitch
You should be messing with

[Chorus x2]
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