Lyrics to Eden/Lia
All of them trapdoors
Several billion
I ain't got time for 'em

Tell me that one again, how's it go, yeah?
I mean the one with so many burning, ah
Slap a knee, ah
Tryna let it go
KO any woe is me
Alley and ramble like a dog in heat
Wanna be olly-olly-oxen-free, aight

Tell me you're smelling the elephant fire in the corner
(Lovers and theremins, I'll be comparing 'em daily)
Or is that over your border, you delicate hoarder?
(Both of 'em beg to be subtle but say come and play me)

Can we go to Marie's Crisis?
Cover showtunes with brand new friends
Unafraid of the lake
Full of napalm and wait
I can drain it dry
Like Moses you can part me into two, this time
I'm the Red Sea
Flesh and bloodstream
Leave me at Marie's
I'll be singing

See how the sun moves slow
Down the valley's throat
Swallowed underground
Soon rhododendron blooms
Quiet like a tomb
Covered by a cloud

See how breeze and grass do play
The bend in each green blade
Dappled by the light and by the shade

See that waterfall down there?
From up here it looks like stairs
Let me lead us on to anywhere
Lead on
Lead on
Lead on
Lead on