Lyrics to Eddie
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This boy named Eddie Used to set the fields on fire He's the only boy I know who dared to name his desire In a county where the dairymen all had milking machines Yeah, Eddie was the only one to separate the cream Eddie and his father let the cows come home They was out in the pasture in a late summer storm When out of the blue a lightning bolt came down And where his father stood, now smoking bones lay on the ground Eddie Bonebreak His father's remains lie in the Kelsey Cemetery Ah but you know, dogs like to dig up the bones that we bury Well now, you can burn a field but you cannot burn the sky That took your father from you in the twinkling of an eye But you can burn a field You can send clouds of black smoke Up into the heavens praying God will choke And now you know my story And you know it was not me or my friend who did it It was that boy named Eddie Oh Eddie Bonebreak

Songwriters: Shocked, Michelle
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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