Echoes in Cave Lyrics


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Lyrics to Echoes in Cave
They said: "It´s time" to forget what was mine,
to throw the things I was holding on
They said: "Now is not time to cry,
now is time to repair what is done."

(What you have done?)

Try to think for a little while
but you don´t used to and that´s why you have a broken knee
You´d never believe me what I found
Try to think, try to be free!

Maybe you can meet the world
And it could bring you down
Try to walk across the dirt
And don´t get stuck inside

(Stuck inside)

Somewhere down in a cave
Every sound is diving there
There is an echo
which is surviving

It´s pleading to stay (2x)
It´s pleading for one more day

The echo has a short life
Not longer than a knife
As it falls on the ground!

(I don´t wanna be like that)
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