Lyrics to Echo Dance
Echo Dance Video:
Dance in your echo darling
Spin round your shoulders sugar
Drinking your moonlight woman
Sing in your shadow angel
You're not gonna get me to change my mind
You're not gonna get me to fall behind
You're not gonna make me my eyes fall blind
You're not gonna let me go

Run through your forest girlfriend
Sit in your life light baby
Walk through your garden sister
Beckoning your love now lover
You're not gonna tell me your heart's not kind
You're not gonna not read between the lines
You're not gonna blame it on the moonlight minds
You're not gonna let me go

Fall from your high horse sweetheart
Swim in your river lady
Tickling your lantern cutie
Calling to your angels whine
You're not gonna get me to lose this time
You're not gonna get me to choose this crime
There's a world that's contained in you girl and it shines
And you're not gonna never know
That my heart is an angel in a prison cell and
My soul is as old as heaven and hell and
Our truth runs as deep as an artesian well and
You want rivers to ever flow
Ebb and flow

Chuckling from your kisses honey
High off your laughter partner
Rise with your spirit soul
Living for your loving, I am coming
You're not gonna run and you're not gonna hide
No, you're not gonna fall and you're not gonna die
'Cause your heart is gonna look your fear right in the eye
And your love is gonna let you go
'Cause I'm not born to hide from the light of the moon
And you're not born to conclude your spirit so soon
And we're not born to dance in the dark of a tomb
If it's meant to be, it will be so
'Cause you're the one who can get me to swallow my pride
The one who can get me to step aside
From the fear and the shame & find out what's inside
You're the one whose gonna let me grow
So I'm telling you now, by the truth of the sun
That this life we're living is the only one
And I love you like I'll love you when the whole world's gone
And I just got to let you know
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