Eat Your Fireworks Lyrics

in passing

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Lyrics to Eat Your Fireworks
Eat Your Fireworks Video:
it's been duly noted
recorded documented cataloged
a celebration of loss
the sight of a mother who can't recognize
her life is passing her by

six strings and seven stories of a boy who lost his glory
he tied the noose and said hey cut me loose
and the smile on her face lets me know she's awake
dear Omaha there's a problem with binding lovers
there is no space for growth with others
and the fire of apathy seems to consume everything
until we can't breath until we can't see

and the smile on her face let's me know she's awake
and the touch of her hand lets me know that she can get me through this day
and the sound of her sigh lets me know she's alive
and the will that she breaks lets me know that I might make it through this day
and I can't remember how I got here
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