Lyrics to Easy Money
Easy Money Video:
You got to wear the right clothes Go to the right school Gotta take the right drugs The ones they say are cool Got to be different, follow your own rules Show the man in control, you're nobody's fool But he's got you coming and going He's had you pegged for years You are the young, the curious And you're making it very clear Chorus Cause you're easy money You've got sucker written on your face You're an easy ark when there's a scam to chase Easy money And though you think you're being uptown He's just spinning you around and around, you're easy money He watches your every move, anticipates your groove If it's in, he's there and you can bet He's got a ton to spare He's the system that you fight, Giving you another bite Any flavor that you like, Don't matter if it's wrong or right Chorus Well the man still makes the clothes you wear Sells the coke you share He's not really on the other side He'll bring you anything that you'll buy It's the American way How much can you pay Place it in your sight The man he's betting that you're gonna bite Repeat Chorus

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