Lyrics to East Nashville
It was fucking me

R.A.P. Ferreira and I will rap forever
Uh huh, you can count on that dog
My lady built like Tyrannosaurus
You seen I with that band of horses
A poet gang of self
Run up and that bang'll be felt, down to the anvil's atoms
Nature boy like Ansel Adams
Time turning hands
Thirty days out the minivan
With a gang of fake names from the coast of Maine
To Leimert Park, Aquarius all down my birth chart
I like spare parts and alone time
I did it without the co-sign
On the east side of Atlanta and Nashville
We was up and down the Catskills
Stackin' off of rap skill
Ruby Yacht back in Asheville
As the gray we chunkin'
Seen Ro levitatin' and the way we buck it
Pulled up in that big body with thе paint job, Peppa Pig
Wardrobe not reflеctin' local etiquette
You never seen Professor Pretty Feet half-step
Black Aztec in Tribec, sippin' Schweppes
Poetic terrorist made inept
Took the L and kept it pushin'
Recouped in Houston, resumed the cruisin'
Soulfolks do the bruisin'
In Pasadena, lean into that audio patina
Mementos in Sacramento
Sacraments in escrow
Vêtement, tore a hole
In Minneapolis, we became unbearable
Hand full of marigolds
In Montreal, feelin' very alone
Mechanistic inventiveness
That is to say my strap is 3D printed
Ruby yacht, and we be winnin'
Initiated in mystery, same in dignity
Giggling in the night, libertines preach advice
And I find myself nodding along
Or was it nodding off?
Plodding on, plodding on

No, I never stop, no, I never quit
No, I never stop, no, I never quit
No, I never stop, no, I never quit