Lyrics to Easier
Leave it up to me
And I’ll get tongue-tied
Swallow every word I wanna say
And when I’m heard I’ll shy away
From what I’m speaking
What I’m doing, what I’m preaching
It’s unintended
Please forgive me

That time we first spoke
You had a glaze over your eyes
Maybe the coke had spiked your high
Or I projected
An image, a reflection
Of what I wanted to see

When I stare at you
It’s apparent
That my learning curve was steep
But I’ve found what I should keep
I think I know it
Should I show it?
Should I show it?

My doubts
My thoughts
Scare me sometimes
For once
I can
Carry my own

You make
It so much easier
You make it so easy
So easy

I thought I was dumb
Or misguided
Thought my stubbornness was key
In aiding the belief of my affection
A romanticized invention
I’m fucking crazy
Please forgive me

Finally I have learned
To let go of what’s behind me
Tug your mitten right beside me
We’ll play like pups
Until we’ve lost our energy
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