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Lyrics to Earth Ripper
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Preparedness in Magic(k) is as important as it is in War.
I am the Master of Magic(k) in its greatest and highest sense.
Never to fail, by will or weakness, I make the self-annihilation absolute.
I am none the less a thrusting force into the Abyss.
From the void comes a blare, yet a star which rips the Earth,
And our Order rejoices above that Abyss.
The Beast hath begotten one more asp in the Womb of the Queen,
His Concubine, The Scarlet Woman...


[1st verse]
Invoking frequently, formless fires altered states
The Sun's flares drenched the land beyond the seas (stars abide not)
Celestial disturbance caused sweeping climate changes
The dryness, pestilence was firstly observed by Ea

The Earth ripped
Concords were lost
The Earth cleaved
Distress was fostered
The Earth wrenched
Closing rived skies
The Earth cracked
Life and death vacuumed

All time crushed back into unblest everlastingness
The Plenum's overwhelmed by the sphere's desolation
Periapts and symbols warn of an impending spate
All of Anunnaki fled in broad trepidation


There is no hope in preserving
The globe's swollen from the crumbling
It's distended and withdrawing

[Bridge 2x:]
From the confines of space, the terrain collapsed...
Hath passed, golden twilight dropped before faces

[Repeat 1st verse]

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