Lyrics to Early Morning
Early Morning Video:
Ooooooooooooh, yeeeeeeeah
La-da-da-da-da-la-da-da, whoooa

We just gonna chill
Pop a pill, we gon sip
On the bar, candy car
Follow me, till the hill
In the room, we gon dip
Me and you, and a couple of friends
Roll a sweet, and we gon puff
'Cause later on girl, we gon fuck
All night, all night yeah

Let's not rush it, girl it's on
We got all night, to the early morn'
Get your head right, we got all night
'Cause Ronnie gonna do you, all so right

Even though, I just met you
I feel your vibe, coming through
I want to try some freaky shit
So let me know, if you down to
Twelve play, is the way I roll
Wreck shop, is my payroll
I got enough, to feed your needs
'Cause money ain't a thang to me


Let me show you, to my bed
I'm gonna do, those things I said
You coming off, that bathing suit
I dry you off with my towel, if that's cool
I bend you over girl, let me smack you
I'm kinda rough girl, are you rough too
Do you want this thing, called love
Push it in, push it up ooh


Ronnie gonna do you, I'm gonna do you
All so right, yeah, oh
Talking bout twelve play, ooh
Songwriters: SHIELD, LEROY
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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