Lyrics to Each Time
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Out of the same mouth comes blessing and cursing
My brothers my sisters this should not be

how do you see me when i fall
how do you speak in private when my back is against the wall
how do you think of me when it seems like i can't get up
how much love have you given me

have you prayed for me
have you spoke joy into my life
did love come in any time
to put an arm around me and say
don't give up, don't give in
don't give up, don't give in

each time you call my name and talk of me
god is listening, god is listening
each time you do the things you do to me
god is watching i'm just reminding you

if he's your find you're the pleasures
if you'll remain in him he will remain in you
and i must see by the things you do that you have a heart after god
you may be fooling me but not the lord
i'm one of the chosen few
my mind is being renewed
don't need a man to qualified
oh i've proven who i am
oh no god sealed it long time
before you and i
so u can't make me lose my mind, my mind my mind

the least you do to your brother is done unto the lord
his wrath is great so appreciate
live in one accord
we ask you lord to remove yes all impurities
so that we can grow and go where you want us to go

don't mess with the lord's anointed one
watch what you say about the pastor, about the preacher
the ones that are called by god
for such a time as this

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
whatever that we're doing that

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