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Lyrics to Each Time I Die
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A dream, wide awake, it's caught me again
I'm here, but I fly with the wings of my mind

They say that you need but to ask and receive
These flames in my head melt the lead in my legs

I sleep and feel as my body fills the dreams and once more I'm leaving your world

Each time I die my dream becomes alive
Each time I die I catch a glimpse of Hell and Paradise
Each time I seem to rise again, each time
I'm dragged back to life in this shell

Words from a secret sleep feed into my ears
I've a mind to try and shed some silver tears

No fear means no dreams or no simple it seems
It's so clear to me now I'm enthralled

And like a slave is bound in chains
So I am in dreams, if you freed me of them
I'd be lost, a hopeless fool

So you see; it's true, it's my dreams
That get me through and each day renews
The cycle from the start

Eternal the seas where I set my sails tonight
I drink the poison, dim the lights
And wait for the storm
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